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At HUS, we believe that Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and to successfully handle through life’s challenges. Hence, Student life at HUS is not just academics and curriculum. There is as much learning outside of classrooms as there is within them. So, extra-curricular programs form an important part of education. We offer the students a spectacular range of activities, life skill programmes, workshops and, lectures to choose from. Each of which is chosen and crafted in such a way that over the course of their life at HUS, students discover and develop their interests and talents by trying their hand at the wide range of activities and programmes offered.

Parents Testimonials

We want to convey heartfelt gratitude for being the fantastic teacher of our daughter at HUS PYP. Your continuous engagement to the learning and development of the students, both in the classroom and outside, was clearly visible. Our daughter learnt many things academically, but most importantly, the teachers have been fuelling her inquisitiveness. A teacher can't teach everything, but if the sense of curiosity is aroused enough, it lets student to pursue lifelong learning- the school has been doing exactly that.Last but not the least, the school nurtures values in students to become wonderful and responsible human beings - nothing is more important than that, as the future of the world lies in their hands.

Kingshuk and Arpita
Parents of Krittika of Grade 5

HUS has one of he best infrastructures in OMR/ECR belt. The teacher to student ratio is also excellent here with 2 teachers for a class of 15. This year after a couple of years of struggling we were fortunate to have a class teacher for my third grade son who actually cared. I hope this trend continues!

Ms. Revathi
Parent of Aditya Duddukuru from Grade 3

It been a wonderful year for my son Magizh Shankar at HUS. He has become more confident, independent and responsible. He appreciates the value of time and manages it better on his own. The enjoyment of his participation in the events of sports day is not unparalleled to the excitement he had during the preparations for his checkpoint assessments. I am happy to see that a lot of group activities have taken place in the class, which helped Magizh nurture his skills to work as a team. The opportunities to perform on stage enhanced his confidence and helped to improve his overall personality. I can also see that he has better control of his temper nowadays. The different teaching methods adopted by the school is very impressive and Magizh finds these interesting too as he looks forwards to another fun filled day at school everyday. His understanding of the concepts are much better. One thing we, as parents, would like to highlight is on sports activities. We have not come across any school team in primary classes for various sports like football, basketball, etc. This is one area which has to be worked on, as exposure to work as a team is more here. To wrap it up, we see that Magizh enjoys going to school and learns so much every day not only academically but in other aspects also. We are grateful to the school, for playing a major role in instilling confidence, discipline and responsibility in him. Keep up the good work!!

Rupa and Umashankar
Parents of U. Maghiz Shankar

It was actually very successful year for my son at HUS. We are actually happy about his academics as well as his co-curricular activities. It was a well planned year and was well organized. As a working women I would like to thank his class teacher for arriving school very early and her punctuality as I always drop my son a little early and was worried in the beginning but after I was so comfortable that he is not alone at that early hours .she was very trustworthy in that case. The home teacher did a fantastic training in the world book day....with the kids performing so much tells how much work she has out in. The same goes for the science exhibition which the teacher should be appreciated. As of academics his reading is well established ....though I would suggest some of the written part can be added little more. But his general knowledge has improved.

The only concern I had all throughout the year is that if he eats what he needs ...the quantity and is he completing his lunch or snack given there and who is monitoring this kid ....as a parent this worries me a lot. But my son is very happy in taking sodexo. As a conclusion I would thank the school overall and his class teacher. Hoping IB will have still more improvements in my son next year. We expect some more sports and music activities in the upcoming year. All the Best.

Ajitha Suresh kumar