Programme Coordinators


"Learning is a lifelong process" - Peter Drucker.
A good teacher needs to continue to inspire learning by being a learner.
Mrs T. Rajarajeswari
PYP Coordinator

Urvashi Arijit Sen

Learning derived from nature and skills developed on scientific principles provide a platform for individuals to create possibilities in areas unknown.
Mrs Urvashi Arijit Sen

MYP Coordinator

Tejinder Kaur

Besides the academic contents, an effective curriculum should have the ingredients to bring awareness to social values under the ever changing national and global umbrella. To successfully and swiftly adapt to the changing environment the students should have a changeless core of moral values imbibed inside that will generate self confidence and help them take part in nation building. At HUS, through the IB curriculum, we try to lead our students towards it.
Mrs Tejinder Kaur
DP Coordinator