Our Objectives

Change is a dynamic process. Education also needs to change with time to meet the needs of the future. The curriculum at HUS has been designed keeping this in mind. Great care has been taken to ensure that the following objectives are achieved.

  • To be unselfish in the service of their fellow students
  • To become agents of social change in the country
  • To have clear and firm principles and be courageous in action
  • To value freedom and use it judiciously
  • To become mature and spiritually oriented
  • To interpret the world through science
  • To be empathetic
  • To develop sufficient insights into ethical values & principles and make moral judgments based on them
  • To be aware of human rights and recognize its importance
  • To strive continuously for excellence in every field
  • To learn to think critically and independently
  • To learn to care for others and the environment
  • To learn to appreciate art
  • To learn to apply the knowledge gained to the life they live and to the society in which they live

Every effort is made on a continuing basis to ensure that educational resources and infrastructure of the school are constantly strengthened & developed to support the objective.