Excellence through Endeavour

We enable all our Students to become the best possible version of themselves. We provide an environment where our children develop into empathetic, self-directed, critical thinkers who don’t give up when faced with challenges.

Hiranandani School Director Sivakumar Srinivasan

Sivakumar Srinivasan


“We will seek unity in crucial things, diversity in important things and generosity in all things”.

Headmaster Mrs Gayathri Loganathan - HUS International School Chennai

Mrs Gayathri Loganathan

Head of Primary

I believe school is a space where an environment is created, for freedom of thought and expression, opportunities to ignite innate curiosity and to be a lifelong learner.

Headmaster Dr.Uma Devi - HUS International School Chennai

Dr Uma Ravi

Head of Administration and HR

The purpose of education just does not stop with imparting knowledge in the classroom. It extends to help integrate people into society to socialize with values and morals.

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  • Development of a curriculum which is essentially dynamic and continuously evolving to remain relevant in the face of continuous change in all areas of the world
  • Training of teachers to deliver the ever-changing curriculum
  • Assessment of the students based on the ever-changing curriculum

The IB offers four programs – Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP), Diploma Program (DP)

  • IB Primary Years Program (PYP) – a program for age group 3-12 (grades Nursery–5)
  • IB Middle Years Program (MYP) – a program for age group 11-16 (grades 6–10)
  • IB Diploma Program (DP) – a two-year rigorous pre-university course for age group 16-19 (grades 11–12) that prepares students to enter top Universities in the world including India. IB offers a formal external examination after the DP program.
  • A comprehensive program with interrelatedness between different subjects and themes
  • Opportunity to engage in structured, purposeful inquiry thus helping students to construct their learning and understanding.
  • Develop a deep understanding of important and enduring concepts
  • Conduct research into knowledge that has local and global significance
  • Ability to relate classroom learning to real-life situations and apply it in the here & now to bring about immediate change in one’s own life & environment
  • Acquire and practice a range of essential disciplinary and trans-disciplinary skills
  • Be encouraged to develop positive attitudes towards learning, the environment & other people
  • Have the opportunity to be involved in responsible action and community service
  • Develop independent thinking, yet appreciating that people with different views could also be right
  • International mindedness by getting exposed to other world languages, cultures, and practices, yet remaining rooted in one’s own
  • To become an informed participant in world affairs


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