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College Board

Our MYP 4 students created a short documentary on "Soweto Riot", A series of demonstrations and protests led by black school children in South Africa as part of their Civil Rights & Apartheid laws in their Individuals and Society learning.

This month is filled with articles that make us question our views on societal aspects we have accepted as the truth. An inside look into the mind of an IB student's processing of EE from last month's edition has a part 2! Some art pieces to cherish at the end of your read!

Congratulations to the proud members of HUS Student Council 2021-22. You have now become the custodians of the principles and policies that animate and give life to our school.

These colorful artworks showcase their knowledge of color theory. The use of complementary colors worked really effectively.

Our DP students never cease to amaze us. Post the successful E-magazine, The Unforeseen, they are here with yet another blog - True Mirror. Please click on the link below to feel amazed.

Congratulations to all our DP 2 students.
Kudos to our high achievers who have secured 41 to 45 points.